Mind Dynamics: towards the Theory of Unification

Post date: Jan 27, 2011 8:18:41 PM

Mind is a display of profound laws of nature. There is something deeply similar in underlying principles of mental dynamics and, for example, behavior of the objects of physical world. Common ideas must underlie these diverse phenomena. And we should make this generalization in science. For sure, it is hard to find so elegant point of view. But this is definitely possible.

In any field of action we can meet such problems as a lack of information, complexity and correlations. They are continually accompanying things of our everyday life, especially for such people who engaged in science and technology. And everywhere we can study optimality by observing various types of interactions. No matter what kind of space and forces we choose to investigate, the phenomenon of interactions is always inherently the same. We need optimality as much as we need air and sun light. It is our inner desire – to surround ourselves with beauty. On the whole, optimality and beauty are merely two different words which embody the same powerful force. The question is either only our minds see the world in this way or it is an objective law of nature. This constitutes the most fundamental problem of all times.

Outward things demonstrate a lot of facts where interactions play leading role. Interactions can be found both in human activities and wildlife. If we take a look at the science, we can find a great number of conformities. Chaos theory tries to predict a position and behavior of small particles in a wide area of space after a relatively long period of time. To do this it uses Probability Theory. Quantum mechanics tries to describe a nature of fundamental forces of physics such as weak nuclear interaction. The study of gravity, which is based principally on the General Theory of Relativity, describes interactions of macro objects like planets. Electromagnetism, gravity, weak and strong nuclear forces should be united in the Theory of Everything or in another words a Unified Theory. This is one of the most important courses of modern theoretical physics during more than a hundred years. And it is still unresolved. There are several candidates for the solution: Field Theory, based on the differential geometry, Strings Theory which rides on the supersymmetry, an Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything, grounded on the Lie algebra. But all of them endure hardships now.

Unified Theory is not a prerogative exactly of theoretical physics. In another branch of science, economics, Games Theory is widely used. It completely relies on the specificities of objects’ interactions. Non-cooperative games say that we need a general view on the system dynamics to build optimal strategies for each separate object. For that reason interactions between objects within the bounds of the mentioned system will have a high degree of mutual organization. The same process we know as a synergy. This research branch is concentrated on the phenomena of self-organization and autowave processes. As well as Darwinian Evolution it studies interaction within the systems. Natural selection provides a succession of improvement steps which gradually adapt objects to the dynamically changing environment. Emergent behavior illuminates the nature of irreducible complexity that is the effect of cardinal changes in systems’ structures. Another example is a phenomenon of self-similarity widely represented in nature and being studied by means of mathematical fractals.

Intellectual activity is full of interactions too. Mentality is merely interactions between imaginary objects in a virtual space which we call mind. But the latter is more like a battlefield. Trying to make crucial decisions, you take a risk of entering into the state of stagnation. This is a very impediment to creativity. However, a succession of turning points limits a number of possible alternatives. Known as complexity, this fact is a foundation of Computer Science. The truth is you need certain external influence, a backbone to produce optimal solutions. It helps to sight most important correlations. Also conation is necessary to direct your thoughts and keep them in leash. Anyway you must continuously move forward in position because this is the only way to select specific path of further developments. Persistent, ubiquitous trend of nature determines any human activity, but our will is a motive power of this dynamics.