Cognitive Aspects of Software Engineering

Post date: Feb 04, 2011 1:5:49 AM

Psychology or productivity? Software Engineering is a complex field where creativity plays one of the leading roles. That's why it cannot be called 'industry' in every sense of the world. How to make Software Development process more regular and thereby minimize the risks? There is the only way - to manage. But what should be the main point of interest in management, considering the individuality of every person of a group? 

Understanding! That's the thing! Personal productivity depends on our cognitive mechanisms. And their secrets lie in the field of spirituality. Inner balance, certainty, composure, consciousness both in profession and in life - all these things lead to the liberty of mind. Effectiveness of a team is a result of effectivenes of every person. Self-organizing or synergistic effect came when all the team members start to see outside the scopes, shifting accents and finding touching points with each other. 

Thus we obtain an Agile management, true flexible, reliable and goal-oriented. Only one thing is necessary - focus on a right problem. How to choose or select ones is a peculiar view, which is a subject of author training "Innovative Thinking and The Instrumentary of Decision Making". Next  session of training will be held on on March 12 in Kharkov, Ukraine. Details on